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0005216Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2012-02-17 05:222012-02-17 05:28
Knight Otu 
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0005216: Artifact books produce duplicates in inventory
Having books in your inventory spawns duplicates in your grasp upon exiting the fast travel screen (?). This seems to be able to happen multiple times, resulting in multiple copies. Upon dropping the books, a single copy appears on the tile. Dropping a container holding all of the affected books will not produce this result.
Aquire books, leave in inventory (does not seem to matter if they are in a container), fast travel (?), a copy of the book appears in your hands.
I'm not sure what is triggering this, I think I saw the speed rating go down during combat so fast travel may not be what is causing this bug.
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duplicate of 0005113resolved Toady One Readable materials (books, slabs) duplicating in inventory 
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