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0005249Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2012-02-17 23:292014-08-20 12:14
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0005249: 300 Friendly kobolds, only a kobold attacked will fight back
A cave of 300 kobolds doing nothing and being friendly. If attacked, only the kobold who was attacked fights back.
I generated a world and started next to a volcano. Immediately to its east is a cave full of kobolds, who are all inactive. They all (that i have checked) have only two items of clothing in their inventory. They are listed as friendly, and do nothing but sit around all day. Under the (u)nit screen, it shows 300 kobolds. They only react to being mauled by a military, and even then only the individual who was attacked will fight back.
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duplicate of 0006547resolved Toady One Wolves passive in adventure mode. 
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