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0005283Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2012-02-18 18:212014-07-14 10:29
Toady One 
PCWindows 76.1
0005283: Crash upon accepting/saving a generated world when old-version saves are present
After going to "create a new world" when running DF 34.02, world gen goes fine, but once the world was made, after one has the chance to scroll around the map a bit, pressing the enter key ("Enter: Accept") the game has uniformly crashed. This was tried on everything from a pocket to large map, very short to very long histories, and many other permutations of standard settings. Advanced world gen was not tried.
From main menu, go to "Create New World!", select any of the standard options, and press "enter" to accept the generated map.
This was the error message given by windows:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  Application Name: Dwarf Fortress.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 4f3f88bc
  Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll
  Fault Module Version: 10.0.30319.1
  Fault Module Timestamp: 4ba1dbbe
  Exception Code: 40000015
  Exception Offset: 0008d635
  OS Version: 6.1.7600.
  Locale ID: 1033
  Additional Information 1: 53ab
  Additional Information 2: 53ab78575e4e4ce741bf82bee235390b
  Additional Information 3: e3b1
  Additional Information 4: e3b1a94473822fda201cb488de46c708
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2012-02-19 00:00   
(edited on: 2012-02-19 00:23)
Just tried this again in an Einsteinian Insane fashion; apparently, this bug exists on the SDL download, but not the Legacy download. That is, attempting the exact same steps on a Legacy download works normally, no crash, but on an SDL download, I couldn't avoid the crash. Not sure what this means, but I figure it'll be dismissed if it was just user error.
---Edit 2/19/2012---
After messing around with this some more, I discovered that it has less to do with an SDL versus Legacy download so much as the directory the install was put in. Both the SDL and Legacy downloads, when put in my old DF directory of C:\Dwarf Fortress, would not run. However, both of the same downloads when put in my download folder (e.g., C:\Users\Andrew W\Downloads\df_34_02_win) would work. Perhaps this has more to do with the directory than the version?

2012-02-19 08:06   
Can you confirm that it has anything to do with whether the map has been scrolled around?
2012-02-21 14:09   
Yes, I can confirm that it's independent of map scrolling; pressing enter immediately upon the completion of the world results in the same error, given that it's in a C:\Dwarf Fortress directory. Scrolling when playing on the game located in my download directory, scrolling did not interfere with the saving of the world; I can play just fine in that directory, just not at all in the C:\Dwarf Fortress one. Now I wish I could figure out how to change the bug report's urgency from “urgent” to “minor” when the workaround is so easy, and problem is so specific.
2012-02-22 11:05   
strange i don't seem to have that problem. but i did have a different one that went with aborting world gen early, wasn't really a crash tho.
2012-03-03 13:13   
brcruchairman, can you see if this is a problem due to DF running out of memory with your SDL download? The specific error message you reported has been around for a long time and I suspect that memory usage is to blame.
2012-04-24 01:40   
I can try; how would I go about doing that? Is there some program I'd run, or some setting I'd change?
2012-04-24 09:51   
Additional info: I tried to convert some saves from 0.31.25 When DF failed to recognize them, I went ahead and tried to generate a new world, without removing the old files from the save directory. Same error, crashes on accept. Did this several times with a clean install. Removed the save files, tried again, bug averted.
Solarius Scorch   
2012-05-14 13:18   
I confirm marq's case: after removing old worlds from the previous versions, the bug no longer occurred.
2012-06-07 20:15   
Well, one way or another, this bug is gone as of 0.34.11; I downloaded the newest version, put it in my C:\Dwarf Fortress directory, generated a new world on totally standard settings, and it saved just fine. Tried again with a pocket dimension, very short history and the same thing. Whatever it was, the issue appears to be fixed.
2012-07-05 20:17   
Are you sure this isn't some sort of permissions issue?

e.g. I was getting this same problem with Linux version 0.34.11 until I cleared the "current" and "region1" directories out of my saves with incorrect permissions:

Depending on your distribution/installation method your saves might be stowed elsewhere.
2014-07-11 12:15   
Can confirm permissions issue as above, clearing out the saves directory fixed it for me.
2014-07-13 21:52   
Issue seems to be present in the latest version. Clearing out an old save fixed the crash on an otherwise brand new extracted windows SDL 0.40.03
2014-07-14 07:20   
(edited on: 2014-07-14 07:22)
I ran across this issue recently and have diagnosed its cause. Basically, the game does not delete files from the old world when overwriting it with the new world's files. This means there are many files that are not related to the new world. One way to fix it is to sort the files by "last modified" date and delete the files that were last modified before the rest, as they are leftover files from the old world.

There is no other corruption aside from that.

When the two versions are very similar but still incompatible, like in 0007230 between 0.40.02 and 0.40.03, there is the additional twist that often the world *will* save properly. Some actions are even possible without immediate crashing, such as running the calendar before playing.