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0005303Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2012-02-19 10:522012-03-05 15:52
PCWindows 7
0005303: Dwarf Fortress Crashes upon Accepting World Generation.
Whenever I try to generate a world for the new release, the game crashes as soon as I accept the world created. It occurs as soon as I press the key for using the world as it is if I stop it early, or for just accepting the world if I let it finish.
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duplicate of 0005283resolved Toady One Crash upon accepting/saving a generated world when old-version saves are present 
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2012-02-19 11:07   
Are you using the SDL or the Legacy version? Try switching what version you're using and see if that has an effect.
2012-02-19 13:32   
Using both versions, each one crashes upon accepting the world.
2012-02-21 17:22   
I had an identical error when I was playing a game located in the C:\Dwarf Fortress directory where I keep my game. However, when playing from the download directory (“C:\Users\USER_NAME\downloads\...”) the error went away. This was for both SDL and Legacy versions. What directory is your game in, and have you tried moving it around?
2012-02-21 19:10   
my Directory is C:\DF and it won't work there. I don't know why it would work just by having it located in my downloads folder. I'd rather be able to have it where i want it to be rather than be forced to place it in a certain location.