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0005332Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2012-02-20 04:592012-02-20 05:19
Knight Otu 
0005332: cavern men in the sewers
they re-spawn an unlimited amount of times, meaning you can farm them for blowdarts or just kill them repeatedly for fun/to boost your weapons' notable kills list as they all count as notable due to the fact that they are from the caverns.
i had to kill a serpent man in the very back of the sewers and had to go through a group of fish men and olm men to get to them, on my way out i had to kill them again, luckily the title ones don't re-spawn as well.
find some cavern people in the town sewers
kill them
come back
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duplicate of 0005106confirmed Footkerchief Bandits/companions respawn/duplicate in their original location 
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The presence of animal men in the sewers is intentional. Their duplication is 0005106.