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0005366Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Input/Keybinding/Macrospublic2012-02-21 07:162012-02-22 14:33
0005366: Bizarre macro behavior
Saving a macro does not stop recording, playing that macro after saving can cause loss of game control.
Hit ctrl-r to create a macro and put in some basic commands, hit ctrl-s to save it. Note that the recording indicator is still on. Hold ctrl-p to play the macro afterwards. Note how the game is now simultaneously recording and playing the macro.

This can cause the game to go out of control, as the macro system seems to record and play itself repeatedly. A quick tap of the play button will often stop playing after a moment, but when the play button is held for a few seconds it seems to snowball out of control quickly.
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has duplicate 0002571resolved lethosor Accidentally trying to run a macro while you are recording causes an infinite input loop 
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Actually, it seems holding the play key down at all to play a macro results in complete loss of game control. I imported a "down, enter, enter" macro from .31 and the macro would not stop after it was played.

This occurred in the trade screen when attempting to buy large amounts of food.

2012-02-21 07:36   
Reminder sent to: Baughn

Macros in simultaneous record/playback or something.
2012-02-22 14:31   
Oh, neat! I didn't realize it would do that, though it's obvious in retrospect.

I've changed the behaviour so it'll stop recording when you press ctrl-p. To the degree anyone would *want* the current behaviour, I'll deal with that using better macro keys when possible.
2012-02-22 14:33   
Actually, let's make that "temporarily stop recording while playing it back", so you'll be able to see how it works so far and then record some more.