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0005380Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2012-02-21 17:422012-03-05 15:52
MacMac OS X10.6.8
0005380: Dwarves with the cleaning task enabled never clean up blood.
Blood from killed goblin invaders and the like never get cleaned. The spatters stay there for many years, untouched (going on 5 years on my current fortress)
Kill something with a squad or stone-fall trap, the blood will never disappear.
duplicate of 0001140resolved Toady One "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned 
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2012-02-21 20:06   
This is a known bug, but there are a number of work-arounds to it.

You can build over the spot and deconstruct the area, you can expose it to the sky and hope the rain washes it away, if you're using dwarfhack you can delete the smear, you can assign a dwarf to the burrow containing the splatter and increase the chance he'll clean it...There are probably a few others, but I can't think of anything else.
2012-02-22 06:31   
Where is the spatter located? Is it inside? Is it inside a designated room?
2012-02-22 08:14   
Inside and outside, and not a designated room (invaders have never penetrated so deeply). Also, bridges and traps.
2012-02-22 08:21   
Does 0001140 explain this?
2012-02-22 20:12   
yes! Interesting... I was thinking of it as crafted/detailed vs natural not aboveground vs underground
2012-02-22 20:15   
Cool, thanks!