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0005392Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2012-02-22 06:232012-03-03 18:41
Toady One 
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0005392: Eyelids not properly associated with eyes?
In the STANDARD_HEAD_POSITIONS body detail plan, the R_EYELID and L_EYELID body parts are specified as cleaning and being around R_EYE and L_EYE. However, the body parts for the left and right eyes are named REYE and LEYE, not R_EYE/L_EYE.

There's also the fact that the eye/eyelid relations are just specifying a straight bodypart token for the second half rather than using BY_TOKEN as every other BP_RELATION is doing.
The relevant raws read as follows:

Given the surrounding raws, it seems like they ought to be as follows:
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related to 0001588resolved Toady One Forgotten Beast with 1 eye and 2 eyelids 
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Might be related to the more general eye/eyelid association bugs.