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Toady One 
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0005426: Reanimating undead causes crash
I have an undead siege that has been around for a wile and I have killed a lot of them off. Around a year or two after the first zombie invasion the game crashes without warning. I look into the gamelog.txt and the last thing I see is several (4-20) messages like "The zombie dwarfIsandeg's partial skeleton shudders and begins to move!" of different names. And then the game crashes, every time after the first time it does this, giving the same messages at the end of the gamelog.txt. This has happened to me at 2 forts with 5 crashes just so I could confirm.
Embark in an area with a tower nearby. Wait a couple years after the first undead walk. Corpses reanimate and the game crashes. Check gamelog.txt to confirm because you may not get any message about it or see it.
Phoebus 34.02v03
crash, Save Included, undead
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2012-02-23 19:46   
Reminder sent to: Andrakon

Please upload a save demonstrating the crash to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2012-02-23 20:26   
Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5678 [^]

Saved in early winter of 130, crashes in late winter. If you make it to spring the coast is clear. I did manage to get through the season once, after I reported this bug, but this is the save I had crash a couple times.

Edit: uploaded wrong backup file
2012-02-25 00:13   
(edited on: 2012-02-25 00:28)
Providing additional info: I managed to make it to mid-spring and the crashes keep coming but at more random times. I have resorted to saving every few minutes because the map is just too much fun to quit. Things of note about the crashes:

It never crashes wile I just let the game play an don't touch anything.
I don't remember it crashing wile the game was paused.
I can play like normal for a wile and suddenly it will crash as I move the camera. (Press arrow key, move up and down z levels ect.)
It once crashed wile I hit hit spacebar to pause the game.
After every crash the last thing in the gamelog is something like "The human partial skeleton shudders and begins to move!" but all different races and sometimes corpses instead of partial skeletons.

So up to 10 or so crashes with the same symptoms now.

Edit: I think it may only be crashing when I am looking at the same z-level as the one the undead are on, or if I change away from that z-level. I will try to confirm this.

2012-02-25 05:51   
(edited on: 2012-02-25 06:09)
Same here?
i also have a dead walk and suddenly crashes, if i pause it will not crash.

EDIT:i also have on gamelog
"The –sbu Ngomkutsmob's partial skeleton shudders and begins to move!"

2ND EDIT:Sometimes it crashes instantly when i play on my save file,sometimes it takes a while for it to crash

2012-02-25 06:36   
(edited on: 2012-02-25 06:39)
I started keeping a log of exactly what I was doing when the game crashed. However all of the rest of the crashes I have gotten were a case of 0003762

also I stopped looking around with k, because it seems to crash nearly every time.

So far for the rest of the year only 3 crashes:
Crash on surface wile using k to look at an undead corpse "Bisekkadol Sirabsavot Onget, humancorpseBisekkadol Sirbsavaot" ect. Last thing in gamelog.txt was "Sakzul Oddomnish has created a masterpiece!"
Crash on surface wile using k to look at an undead "Oltarked's left hand" Last thing in gamelog.txt was "Datan Litaststigaz has grown to become a Dwarven Child."
Crash on surface wile using k to look at "a pool of simo moltenskins the mold of scarring's minotaur blood"Last thing in gamelog.txt was "Construct wooden Bin (30) has been completed."

2012-02-25 06:48   
It seems that its not like my problem,i press k, and i can look around for 30 mins,i unpause, and then crashes instantly, the last thing on my gamelog is always

The (zombie name) shudders and begins to move!
2012-02-25 06:52   
I was having that problem until I killed off that wave of undead. But now they have even came back once and I didn't have any trouble.
2012-02-25 07:03   
(edited on: 2012-02-25 07:19)
oh, so i need to kill 120 zombies?

Got that...

*abandons fortress*

EDIT: used dfhacks to dump corpses in lava,problem is fixed

2012-02-26 16:23   
(edited on: 2012-02-26 18:33)
A big wave of undead came back after nearly a year of no crashing and no undead, then it crashed a few minutes later. Last things in the log was what looked like some undead fighting among themselves:

The Human Corpse misses The human partial skeletonLikottolis's head!
The human partial skeletonLikottolis's head counterstrikes!
The human partial skeletonLikottolis's head pushes The Human Corpse in the left upper leg, but the attack passes right through!

I was looking at the inventory of a marksdwarf at the time.

Edit: OMG ~ 460 undead showed up at my fort! Oh the toothsplosions! Teeth everywhere!

2012-02-26 19:33   
Reminder sent to: Andrakon

Does this still crash with TrueType disabled?
2012-02-26 22:53   
I checked to see if TrueType made any difference, fortunately I just happened to get a fresh batch of undead to check with. I turned off TrueType (In phoebus you can hit F12 to turn it off) and it still crashed a couple minutes later, wile I was just watching my archers shoot undead.

Last thing in the gamelog:
The goblin partial skeleton shudders and begins to move!

I then turned off the Truetype in init.txt [TRUETYPE:NO] and it still crashed at about the same time a couple minutes after I reloaded the save. I happened to be holding shift at the time, having just gone down a z level.

Last thing in the gamelog:
The goblin partial skeleton shudders and begins to move!

Never crashes when the undead are gone.