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0005431Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burialpublic2012-02-24 09:352017-07-28 13:14
Knight Otu 
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0005431: Dwarves that die in werebeast form are carried back and forth between tomb and (wrong) stockpile
When a creature is killed in were form, there doesn't seem to be a stockpile option for the various were corpses, and it gets put in odd places (various refuse piles). As well, if a dwarf is infected and killed in were form, if they have a tomb assigned, dwarves will continue to carry their corpse back and forth between refuse piles and the tomb, where they are apparently unable to bury the thing. (Not sure about regular unassigned coffins, if they don't have an assigned tomb.)
0.34.02, burial, dwarf fortress mode, loop, stockpile, were
has duplicate 0009073resolved Knight Otu dwarf hauls body part to tomb and back to 
has duplicate 0010271resolved Loci Dwarves constantly hauling corpses and skeletons from refuse to burial site. Savegame was originally from v40.24 now in v0.43.05 
related to 0006170new  no way to keep werebeast corpse, body parts, out of refuse stockpile 
related to 0009633acknowledged Knight Otu War animal's eye tooth carried between tomb and stockpile (endless loop). 
related to 0010396confirmed Loci Cannot Bury Reanimated Corpses 
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2014-01-29 10:32FootkerchiefSummaryDwarves that die in werebeast form cause stockpile/burial oddities => Dwarves that die in werebeast form are carried back and forth between tomb and (wrong) stockpile
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Knight Otu   
2016-03-22 06:50   
0009031 holds a 0.40.24 save from rylen.
2016-03-22 23:54   
I've been having the same problem (in 0.42.06) with corpses of dwarves who've been killed, zombified, and killed again in a necro siege.
2017-07-28 13:14   
v0.43.05: Kj2000 provided a save (updated from v0.40.24) with weregecko corpse problems in 0010271:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13023 [^]