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0005446Dwarf FortressTrueTypepublic2012-02-25 13:592012-02-28 07:25
PCWindows 7
0005446: Crash when using TrueType, always happens when text runs off the screen.
Whenever text runs over the border of the window and off the screen, the game will crash. For example, changing the keys for secondary selector movement to something like "Alt + Up" will cause the hotkey explanation at the bottom of the screen in most menus (k, b, etc.) to run off the screen. This will only happen with TrueType turned on, and only if the text exceeds the limits of the DF Window - as soon as the minimap is put between the command window and the border of the game, the text will overlay the map instead and the game remains stable.
See Description for example
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Two more TrueType crashes at 0005449 and 0005478. This report (0005446) might be the root cause of them all.
2012-02-27 17:52   
Ah. Yes, that /would/ happen wouldn't it.