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0005530Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2012-03-02 19:012015-12-15 13:14
Toady One 
Windows XP Pro 64
0005530: Clay stockpile option disappears
Hello! I have found a wierd bug. When first playing, I don't have any problems with the clay stockpile, but at some point in the game (possibly after discovering magma?) clay suddenly disappears from the stockpile options in the 'stone stockpile'. It appears to work normally but cannot be stockpiled. No idea why!
I thought it may be due to mods, but couldn't locate the cause. Then I tried making a vanilla save and it did not happen- so I figured it was the mod. However after a while of finaggling and totally shredding my mod and giving up, I went to just play for relief, and about the 8th year I hit magma, and checked. Clay was fine. Then I built a magma kiln, and blammo, clay wierds out again! Normal kilns don't seem to trigger it?
I then used DFHack to spawn magma and unlock the magma kiln, but it did not cause the clay bug. ??
I have since confirmed it occurs sooner or later in every fort i've tried, and i've only ever NOTICED it after striking lava and successfully building a magma kiln. I've included the last (and fourth) occurance, and the only save I bothered to keep. If more are required, I can do so, though it may of course take a bit of time to do without mods/cheats to speed it along, but I will try to snag a before and after of the same fort/world/save occurance of the bug and update here with the included saves.

No errors reported in the errorlog with any items, entities, etc.
Just the usual ocassional pathfinding oops.

Included a save.
Play for some time (possibly the unlock of magma kilns)
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5768 [^]
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2012-03-08 06:48   
This always happens from the start for me, when I embark on a volcano. So your suspicion looks likely.
2012-03-11 08:35   
I have the clay stockpile issues as well, however it is not triggered by magma or kilns. It is that way from the start. The option seems to "work" since in the stockpile screen, it just doesn't seem to light up normally and perpetually show as disabled. If left alone and everything else is disabled under "stone" stockpiles, the clay is stockpiled normally. Seems more a problem with being unable to turn clay on/off than clay not being stockpiled.
2012-03-29 23:51   
Confirming it is still there in 34.06 exactly as thanotica stats above.
2012-04-01 12:31   
My clay stockpile in 34.05 hasn't worked correctly from the start. It's as thanotica describes except for one change--I have not found a way to prevent clay from being stockpiled in the stockpiles intended for other types of stone.
2012-04-01 23:16   
(edited on: 2012-04-10 23:03)
Confirmed in 34.07, options for clay disappeared and it is impossible to stop infestation of stone stockpile by clay. Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/submit.php?action=message&fid=6067 [^]

2012-04-22 18:20   
(edited on: 2012-04-22 18:21)
Confirmed on 34.07, x64, Linux. There's clay in my trading depot and the potter is making stuff out of it, but I can't stockpile it anywhere. I have no magma kilns.

2012-05-14 08:31   
Marking fixed as per release notes. Please reopen this report or PM me on the forums if that's not the case.