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0005548Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Skills and Professionspublic2012-03-04 17:232012-03-04 17:44
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0005548: vampire nicknames and profession names don't show.
if you set the nickname and profession name of a vampire they still show up as whatever name they are hiding under and the profession that goes with it
find a vampire in fortress mode, set his nickname/profession name to something, leave the window, look at how his name hasn't changed

alternatively you can just give ALL the migrants some nicknames and find the vampires that way.
i trapped him in a room for a wile to set his names and then burrowed all my dwarfs into the room to witness him feeding.

i couldn't find a related bug for this one.
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duplicate of 0005140resolved Toady One False identity of vampire overrides nicknames 
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Duplicate of 0005140, which is fixed in version 34.03 onwards. I recommend downloading the latest install of DF.