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0005571Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plotspublic2012-03-07 12:152012-03-09 14:19
Windows7 SP1 x64
0005571: Outside farm plots don't work
Wherever I try to create a farm plot outside, may it be over grass, soil, sand, muddied or not, the interface will say "No mud/soil for farm[…]", even if the said soil was previously inside.
Try to create a farm plot over grass
It was already in 34.04.
I can't believe no one reported this one yet…
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duplicate of 0000249new  Error Message "No mud/soil for farm" When Attempting To Build Above Ground Plot 
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If I recall, on outside plots, it will say the warning, but your farm will still work - the warning is incorrect. Have you tried planting? Still a bug, of course, but you can live with it.
2012-03-09 13:58   
I noticed the warning there but ignored it. I believe it pops up when there is natural soil or sand, but no mud. You can still farm there though. I dont know how long this has been in the game but I remember it being there when I first starting playing. I've been ignoring it all this time, I guess!
2012-03-09 14:19   
It has been reported.