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0005600Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2012-03-10 09:012012-03-29 04:44
Toady One 
0005600: Minor inconsistencies in c_variation_default
The creature templates ANIMAL_PERSON and ANIMAL_PERSON_LEGLESS have not been updated for the special attack abilities, and are missing a few body shape.

The ANIMAL_PERSON and ANIMAL_PERSON_LEGLESS creature variations have lines to remove all the attacks from the base creature before changing the body shape and adding the new attacks. However, they don't remove all of the associated lines. CREATURE_VARIATION:ANIMAL_PERSON and CREATURE_VARIATION:ANIMAL_PERSON_LEGLESS should have the following lines added:


The ANIMAL_PERSON variation also do not convert the QUADRUPED_NECK body shape properly. It should have the following lines added:


I don't know if these are causing any actual problems in the game. I just noticed these omissions while writing my own raw manipulation scripts.
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