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0005638: Population Cap is Set, but Dwarves Still Migrate to the Fortress
I set the [POPULATION_CAP] in d_init.txt to [POPULATION_CAP:40] so that I would have a number of dwarves that would be easier to manage, but I have since then had my total population rise to sixty-two and higher thanks to receiving several waves of migrants.
I have also set the d_init.txt file to disallow invaders, temperature, and weather. I set the [BABY_CHILD_CAP] to [BABY_CHILD_CAP:100:40]. I am also using a modified small region that allows titans to attack at either forty dwarves, one-hundred-thousand created wealth, or one-hundred-thousand exported wealth, and I have a necromancer in my fortress.
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duplicate of 0002922resolved Toady One Population Cap not working 
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Edit: and I managed to close this report with the wrong resolution. Thanks Foot.