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0005668: Freeze on "start playing" after deleting entire "save" folder while DF is running
Continue playing is not affected.
Generate world, generate world, start playing, save fortress, go to main menu, delete "save folder", try to continue playing (OK - error message from DF), try to start playing, select (now deleted) folder - frozen DF.
has duplicate 0011189resolved Loci Choosing to start a game on a save file that has been deleted begins an accumulation of an endless amount of memory 
has duplicate 0010782confirmed lethosor Renaming/deleting unloaded worlds while the game is running and attempting to load them can lock up your computer 
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Small description tweak: you need to use one of modes (fort/adventure/legends) to freeze DF.

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If you're messing around with game files while the game is running - especially deleting something DF then tries to load - this is not surprising in the slightest.