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0005674Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2012-03-18 05:232014-01-26 11:17
Khym Chanur 
0005674: Can prefer to eat non-butcherable vermin
Dwarfs can now have a preference to consume non-butcherable vermin. Distinct from 0000218, since even though you've been able to buy vermin brains and such since 0.31, there didn't used to be any dwarves with a preference for them.
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duplicate of 0001623confirmed Knight Otu Dwarves can have preferences for non-existing body parts like bird/worm teeth. 
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2012-03-18 08:17   
This doesn't look like a bug to me.
Dwarves sometimes eat live vermin, if their favorite type is available in animal traps/cages.
2012-03-18 13:53   
That depends - are they capable of eating live vermin if they have a preference for them before running out of all other types of food? Are they preferring some sort of prepared vermin that is not possible to eat, like fly brains, because those vermin cannot be normally prepared? Those would be bugs. If someone prefers eating cave spiders, that should mean they will go out and eat a live cave spider whenever possible. And frankly, that sounds like something that should be REALLY rare and weird, if it ever occurs at all, and could still be considered a bug.

Likewise, there is always the problem of dwarves preferring things they should never have come into contact with in the first place - why should dwarves prefer acorn flies if they've never been in a savage biome in their life, and never would have had the chance to encounter one?

Do vermin fish get properly considered for preferences while other types of vermin you don't normally hunt, like worms, are not, by the way?