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0005678Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2012-03-18 20:032012-03-28 04:50
Toady One 
0005678: ghostly dwarves can't be memorialized
if the death wasn't witnessed and the corpse can't be located, an option won't be provided to memorialize that dwarf even though it is harassing citizens. a dwarf was buried in a coffin and raised from there by a necromancer, then killed again and reburied, it appears as a ghost despite being buried and i can't memorialize that one either. if a dwarf is killed and zombified by a necromancer, then caught in a cage trap, it can rise as a ghost but also can't be memorialized.
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related to 0005130resolved Toady One Magma-destroyed corpses are always "missing," can't carve slab to prevent ghosts 
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probably duplicate of bug 0003708 - Ghost names that can't be engraved on a slab and nameless slab engravings

2012-03-20 01:41   
Would argue there's two bugs here, one is a duplicate of 0003708. The other part of the problem here is that a reanimated creature is "somebody's corpse" and when it's killed you have "somebody's corpse's corpse" which doesn't put "somebody's ghost" to rest. Thank Toady he fixed the "Necromantic ghosts" bug, or I'd have an unkillable necromancer wandering my fort instead of an emo miller.