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0000568Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-05 22:352010-06-09 06:47
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LaptopWindows XP Tablet PC Version5.1
0000568: -+ and /* do not work properly
The scrolling and add/subtract keys do not work like they should. This seems to apply on embark screens and in arena. Items on the ground cannot be browsed through using these keys. You cannot add or subtract items/skills on the embark screen.
Install the recent Mayday tileset pack. Generate a new world and attempt to customize embark. The addition/subtraction keys do not work.

Install the normal 0.31.01 version of the game and attempt to transfer the save. Still does not work. Likewise, entering Arena will not permit you to modify the skills of creatures or browse items using the "k" function.
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2010-04-05 22:45   
Doesn't the Mayday pack have custom keybinds? Have you tried rebinding your keys? Does this reproduce in a vanilla install of DF?
2010-04-05 22:47   
I have the same issue, using vanilla 0.31.01 on Linux through wine. I had to redefine the keys through options menu, now - is called Minus, + is called Shift-= and * is called Shift-8. Not really a big issue, as you can always export the keys to txt and then it'll workokay.
2010-04-05 22:54   
It reproduces in vanilla, yes.

However, I've reset the custom binds and that seems to have fixed the problem.