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Toady One 
0005704: Vampires who have been scouts brag about murders they committed while scouting.
When asked about their profession, historical figures who have been scouts brag about kills they made while scouting, but apparently ignore whether those kills are secret. http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5998 [^]
Load the attached save file. The bowyer (flashing yellow U) is a vampire. Talk to him, then repeatedly ask about his profession. He should eventually tell you about his time as a scout, in which he killed several hundred humans and dwarves across various locations.
I'm not sure exactly what scouts do, and whether their normal line of work involves killing people, but he's reporting multiple batches of kills in the hundreds, and his history records no battles or other conflicts, so he can only be bragging about his bloodsucking.
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