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0005898Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2012-05-16 08:382012-05-16 16:30
Toady One 
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0005898: Fast travel while inside of minecart makes it invisible
If you hop into a minecart and then fast travel, you come out moving in the same direction you were moving (so if you were riding fast, you would fall and hit your head) and there's an invisible "minecart" object where you come out of the world map. However you cannot pick it up or interact it.
Spawn a minecart through a reaction in adventure mode. Hop in. Fast travel. Go back to the local map.
It would be awesome if you COULD fast travel in a minecart or another vehicle. Originally I wanted to make a motorcycle for my wasteland mod which you could drive around and fast travel while in it. Totally disabling fast travel while in minecart would work too, but I would love to have it as a possibility.
adventure mode, minecart, Travel
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I just went ahead and disabled it. When we get to adv mode mounts we can revisit the mod potential (if somebody reminds me).