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0005903Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routespublic2012-05-16 16:112014-08-04 10:30
Toady One 
0005903: Crash on promoting hauling stop past route title, past top entry
Managed to crash the game fiddling with route assignments in the new hauling interface; specifically, promoting a stop past its route in the list (which doesn't seem like it should be possible in the first place) and then promoting it when it's sitting at the top of the whole list.

It isn't always allowed in the first place and I'm not sure what weird little circumstances let it happen. I also have no idea what the implications are of pushing a stop up out of its route and then continuing to play.
Create a route and some stops. Promote the stops without stopping trying when they're the first stop in the route. Keep promoting them after you push them up past the route they were supposed to be in. It may or may not be necessary to give the stops/route (a) nickname(s); my results have been inconsistent, but you shouldn't have to fiddle with anything else to make it happen.
No error log produced in the folder. 8^(
0.40.04, hauling, interface, route
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Toady One   
2012-05-16 16:41   
Is there a save where it happens reliably? I can't get it to reproduce at all.
2012-05-17 20:16   
Hmm, well, I did import my save from 0.34.07; perhaps that caused some corruption. I'll have to try in a new world and report back this weekend, but for now here's my save (complete with extraneous commentary on what I was getting set up to mess with when I discovered the crash bug): http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6330 [^]
2012-05-18 20:34   
Genned a new world and didn't designate any tracks and it still can be done. Found out what causes it though.

You have to have so many stops in the list and then create one more than a couple from the bottom and promote it without doing anything else (I think). It seems to be taking the length of the list as the number of times a stop can be promoted, when it's brand newly created, but placing it in the right position in the list so if you promote it as many times as possible you'll promote it right out of the list and possibly the menu.

In fact, if you create two routes and put a bunch of stops in both, then create a new stop near the top of the second route, then promote it as much as possible, it'll get stuck in the middle of the first route's list of stops. What's more, if you then esc and then go back to the menu, it'll be in the top of its proper route -- as if it were in the right actual position all along but the displayed position is all that's being affected. I can't seem to promote the stops from the second route past the top of the first route no matter what though, and messing around with this occassionally screws up the displayed names/stop-numbers too.

Wonder if any other menus have similar mechanics? I never thought about it in that much detail before.

Will have to try this with .09 just to check that it wasn't inadvertantly fixed with the fixes related to scrolling and length. Will let you know what I find, but hopefully the above info will get you to the root of the issue in any case.

2012-05-18 21:23   
Reproduced in 0.34.09 with a save from an earlier 0.34 version (can't remember which exactly).

Promoted "Stop 6" above "Route 1" and on the next press of 'p' the game crashed. Running on Ubuntu 10.04
2012-05-23 19:16   
(edited on: 2012-05-23 19:17)
Genned a world in .10 and verified that the following macro always works (where by "works" I mean it crashes the game, providing you didn't have existing routes -- which, on the other hand, can demonstrate how this won't move it up past a second route title).

    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
    End of group
End of macro

(Should I be changing the AWAITING UPDATE tag to say UPDATED instead?)

2012-05-23 20:11   
There's no way to change the tag manually, and the AWAITING UPDATE tag is for manager use only.
2012-06-14 08:45   
I've seen this as well. I'm in linux. I've seen this in (I think) .09, .10 and .11. Basically, since minecarts hit the scene.

I'm also getting a lot of crashes on save. More investigation required.