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0005904Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2012-05-16 17:172015-10-17 08:28
0005904: partially filled bins don't work correctly when interacting with minecarts
Basically, dwarves will put partially filled bins into minecarts. When the bins are in the minecarts, they can't have items added to them.

Because of this, when they get unloaded, the dwarves go "Oh! An unfilled bin!" and often end up carrying the bin all the way back to the start to fill it up. This is really inefficient.
Create a finished goods stockpile that gives to a minecart, and then some finished goods and bins to put in it. Then make a minecart path leading to another stockpile to have the goods placed into.

Dwarves will inevitably fill a bin partially as the goods are being created, then put that bin into the minecart.

When the minecart gets to the other stockpile and gets unloaded, dwarves will take the partially full bins and walk with them all the way back to the original stockpile/workshop to fill them up with things.
Potential solution ideas:
1. Let dwarves fill bins that are in minecarts.
2. Have an option for minecarts to only allow full bins/barrels.
3. Have the dwarves in the receiving stockpile combine the contents of the bins, then carry any empty bins back.
0.34.08, bins, hauling, minecarts, stockpiles
related to 0009090new  Filled minecarts can be stored in barrels, can nest in other containers 
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