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0005954Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)public2012-05-25 21:002012-05-26 08:38
Windows 7
0005954: Deconstructing constructions from below injures dwarf
It seems related to the channeling issue, but when a construction is deconstructed from below (I've only tried with down stairs), the item that was used in the construction falls and injures the dwarf below.

From the combat report: The rock salt blocks strike the Farmer in the upper body bruising the liver through the alpaca wool cloak!
The Farmer's right upper leg skids along the ground, bruising the muscle through the alpaca wool cloak!
The Farmer slams into an obstacle!

From there he just stands and stops being stunned.
Build up stairs and matching down stairs, then deconstruct the downstairs and watch for the combat log.
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duplicate of 0005907resolved Toady One Deconstruction results in falling blocks injuring dwarves 
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Looks like a duplicate of bug 0005907.