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0005970Dwarf FortressProjectilespublic2012-05-30 03:222012-05-30 03:22
Olith McHuman 
0005970: Creature goes through solid wall when at high speed
In the arena, if you are going fast enough and hit a wall in just the right place, you can go through a solid wall.

It looked like I had to go fast enough that my cart was alternating between traveling 2 and 3 tiles per single step. I'm not quite sure if this speed would normally be attainable in dwarf mode.
Enter the arena, spawn creatures with a mine-cart on the southern end the the path over the water (I used cats and platinum mine-carts, not sure if it makes a difference), accelerate to the north as much as possible. After 3-4 mine-carts stack up against the wall inside the lava area pyramid, you should fly through the pyramid's walls and land on the outside (or, more likely, your corpse will).
I uploaded a video of this, as you cannot save in the arena.

http://www.mkv25.net/dfma/movie-2437-catgoesthroughsolidwall [^]

You can just skip to the halfway point, the first half is just me failing to hit the wall just right. The video is very jerky, I'm not sure why.
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related to 0007444resolved Toady One Sparring dwarves (and other creatures) can knock each other through walls with charge attacks 
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