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0005992Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2012-06-06 11:352016-10-11 06:58
Toady One 
0005992: Conflict between hauling jobs (i.e. filling containers) and other jobs using items in those containers
This can happen with any workshop/bin stockpile pair, but was most noticeable with my jewelers. You'd set the jeweler up to cut with GEM TYPE A. He'd start, but then a hauling dwarf would go to the stockpile and grab a bin to pick up some gems my miner just unearthed. Suddenly the gems in the bin become unavailable, the jewelers jobs get cancelled, and he wonders off. Forcing you to constantly micromanage the job orders and restart them over and over again.
barrels, bin, bins, cancel, container, containers, hauling
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2012-06-17 11:18   
(edited on: 2012-06-18 10:52)
I can confirm this behaviour. This seems related to 0000867 and 0001198. All three are issues with the way stockpile and workshop jobs interact, so it might be worthwhile to work out a general solution.

2012-06-17 19:20   
Same thing here: Hunters chasing the dwarves who took the ammo bins to clean up claimed ammo, et cetera.
2012-06-20 08:53   
This is also creating a lot of cancelled planting jobs, and I've noticed a significant reduction in food production in my current fort.
2012-06-20 23:26   
I've noticed the same thing with my textile industry. Just finished signing up to post a detailed report on it - 0006045
2012-06-20 23:26   
(also how do you make links to issues like that?)
2012-06-21 06:03   
#6045 => 0006045
2012-06-22 10:02   
how do you make #<number> without turning it into link?
2012-07-04 18:09   
seems to be because it's taking the whole bin instead of getting out the item it needs, when the job completes it can't find more items for the repeat as the bin/barrels been queued to be taken back so cancels the job and buggers up your lovely industry.

You can sort of get around it by having individual stock piles with no containers (and feed them from daddy stockpiles with containers, but its a big old faff.)
2012-07-11 16:19   
This also seems to be an issue with general hauling where dwarves will take a bin/barrel to collect items and make the contents temporarily unusable.
Carrying the bins out is obviously bad as it means a full or metal bin occupys that dwarf and the bins contents for a few game months.
If a wheel barrow is availible they will slowly take the bin to the items then drop it and get a wheel barrow to bring the bin back.

It seems as if the game is treating all containers as wheelbarrows for some purposes?
2012-07-11 22:43   
I can confirm that this is a serious issue as well. My fortress almost died of thirst even with 200+ plump helmets and brew set on repeat, it just cancels the job.
2012-07-16 11:14   
This issue creates a lot of cancellation spam in the announcements in farming and textile industry... Too bad Toady is mostly involved in implementing new features (and bugs) rather than fixing old bugs or improving gameplay and interface...
As far as I can remember, every version had a couple of game breaking bugs you were supposed to avoid...
2012-07-25 12:56   
have the same here with food production. the dwarfs at first take a seed bag, collect a seed and take the bag down, take a barrel and carry it to the seed bag to put the bag in...
2012-08-08 10:17   
hope this is resolved in the next update. tired of seeing dwarves stop everything they are doing to run down and grab a bin to go outside into battle and pickup a sock, i have had plenty of dwarves die during a siege because their whiskers smelled a item drop on the battlefield
2012-11-28 12:31   
(edited on: 2012-11-28 12:43)
no offense, keepergrimms, but that's sort of what Burrows are for... make a safe burrow for your civilians to stay in during a siege, activate that burrow when you're under attack, and they should never head outside of the burrow, even if there's loot to pick up. If that isn't working for you, you may be experiencing a different bug.

...and my apologies for posting such a delayed response to it. I keep forgetting that someone adding a watch counts as an update to the bug.. mistakenly assumed that the last post was the update x.x

2014-08-03 13:57   
Closely related to: 0005964
I could totally kiss a toad if these are sorted, it drives me crazy!
Dame de la Licorne   
2014-09-01 15:21   
This is still an issue in .40.10 (since I notice there are no recent version numbers).
Dame de la Licorne   
2014-09-29 12:18   
Still present in 40.13.
2014-09-30 00:07   
I've had the same problem with my jeweller, but seemingly even worse: Since he's slower to cut than the miners are to unearth gems, I've got several bins with uncut gems of different kinds. When the cancellation stream (one message for each kind of gem to cut) came, I checked that there were at least two bins with appropriate kinds of gems in the neartile stockpile. Staring closely at the screen with frequent pauses to see if I was allowed to reorder the job, I saw a dwarf come up to one of the bins to put a gem in it, but the other one ought to have been available. It might be that the "container lock" set when a dwarf interacts with a container is engaged a little too early, so the other container was locked by some other dwarf who couldn't lock the first one.
It might require a redesign, but one approach might be to have two kinds of locks, one long term (like when you pick something up to carry it away, or lock a faraway haul/dig target as "yours"), and one short term (typically storing or retrieving from container), where the latter kind is fully engaged only just when about to perform the action. The latter kind would engage a partial lock when the interaction decision is made (to stop someone else from hauling the target away), but several partial locks would be permitted to be active concurrently, and a partial lock action would queue up to wait for the full lock to disengage when the previous user is done. A further refinement might be to let deliveries target a stockpile only initially, and select the particular container only when getting close.