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0005996Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2012-06-08 21:282015-08-31 09:49
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0005996: Minecarts can teleport through walls.
When a minecart at high speed hits a wall while there is a hole below the minecart it will not hit the wall and instead reappear a few tiles tiles past the wall. If there are more walls where the cart should reappear it will be lodged inside one of them.
From the side it looks like this:
  \___ #
Some research was done into it here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=109460.msg3306610#msg3306610 [^]
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2012-06-10 19:31   
In trying to get around this problem I found that it only actually seems to work with fortifications. But the thread linked in Additional Information claims it works with walls as well.
2012-06-10 20:49   
What's most likely happening is that the minecart is moving so quickly that a single frame is enough for it to traverse multiple tiles, and it isn't verifying that the tiles between the start and end position are passable.
2012-06-11 00:39   
obviously it gets so fast it transcends into a wave form and learn quantum tunneling ... as you cant observe it within that one frame and only at start and end point :x