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0005997: Dwarves, pathfinding issue when eating? Walking constantly back and forth in a "V' shape.
I reclaimed my last fortress (after nobles were broken), and began to build up. After several years in-game, I noticed some strange behaviour in a few of my dwarves. Some of them will randomly pick up food, or a bin of food, take it outside the fortress to the far northwest corner, and set it down. Then, they start to walk in a V pattern, with the vertex of the v centered close to the food. They will do this until they starve to death, but after some time they occasionally figure it out and head back and eat some different food, and get back to work. I've seen as many as 12 dwarves at one time exhibiting this behaviour. I tried restricting their movements with burrows, pathway restrictions, but nothing worked.
No idea, sorry!
I uploaded the save file with the problem described - the dwarves are currently in the northwest corner, at ground level.

DFFD save file

http://dffd.wimbli.com/download.php?id=6460&f=region1.zip [^]
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Does your save reproduce the problem in the newest version, 0.34.11?
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Yes, it does. It appears any dwarf who is sent to that area of the map because at least reasonably stuck for some time, as well. That is, I sent haulers to try and take the food out, and they were stuck, I set miners to try and dig a new, easier path to the region, and they were stuck as well.