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Knight Otu 
0006037: Building walls/corners not possible -> Creature occupying site
wanted to build a separated area for nest boxes for allowing eggs to hatch.
built a square, but got "Creature occupying site" errors. The mason is standing ON TOP of the square he wants to build, not ONE SQUARE NORTH, as one would expect. Seems to have to do with the update from 27.5. "wall/floodgate/etc. builders often make more reasonable decisions about where to stand to avoid walling themselves in"

pic: http://tnypic.net/b7ca5.png [^]

build order was right, left, bottom, top, remove 1 square from right for the door
try to build a square
btw: its still possible for a dwarf to stand on the wrong side: http://tnypic.net/28852.png [^]

build order was right, left, top, bottom, the right upper edge was the last one built
construction, wall
duplicate of 0005991resolved Toady One Dwarf tries to build wall standing on the construction site 
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I experienced the same problem with my current fort (Made in version 0.34.11)

I had ordered the construction of a number of walls, and noticed that one of my masons would always attempt to build 1 specific wall on top of himself. I eventually fixed this by removing and remaking the order for the wall; the mason completed his job properly this time.
2012-06-19 07:38   
Duplicate of 0005991 - next time, please use the Search feature.