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0006077Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)public2012-07-07 10:492012-07-08 01:42
Knight Otu 
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0006077: Dwarf gets in his own way while constructing wall
A dwarf assigned to construct a wall attempts to do so from the square in which the wall is being built. This results in the job being suspended due to a creature occupying the construction square.
The particular situation where this occurred was one where I had two ramps coming up from z-1 and was trying to build a wall to force water to go in a diagonal. With 'r' representing a ramp coming up from below, x representing a vacant space in the current z level, and W representing the position of the desired wall, the situation looked like this:


Such that water would flow up one ramp, be z-level capped, and flow down the other ramp. I tried building temporary floors on top of both ramps, but the dwarf continued to insist upon standing in the square in which the wall was to be built.
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duplicate of 0005991resolved Toady One Dwarf tries to build wall standing on the construction site 
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This bug has been reported 3 times already - 0005991, 0006009, and 0006037.

Please use the Search feature before reporting bugs to avoid cluttering the tracker with further duplicates.
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As Quietust said, duplicate of 0005991.