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0006176Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sleeppublic2012-08-27 15:562015-01-11 08:07
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PCLinux (Ubuntu)10.04.4
0006176: After sleeping in fort, companions are unreachable (on roof?)
I often sleep on the ground floor of the Lord/Lady's building in a fort. In the last version I played (31.25) this was not a problem, but in 34.11 it seems that regularly (maybe always) on waking up my companions are at the same x/y locations as the building (as identified by direction information in the (c)ompanion list) but are nowhere to be seen - I think maybe they're on the roof, with no path to me.

This then leads to a duplicate of bugs like 5162 and 5106, in which after walking far enough out of the fort for the companions to disappear from my companion list I can return, find them standing around on the ground, and re-recruit them resulting in double-listing in the (c)ompanion list.
Recruit some companions; go to a fort; talk to the lord/lady (sometimes receiving explicit permission to stay the night, sometimes not); go back to the ground floor and sleep until (d)awn; now try to find back your companions.

I've only tried one worldgen so far, it may be specific to this world.
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