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0006192Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- History Exportpublic2012-09-11 11:412014-07-12 02:36
Knight Otu 
Toady One 
0006192: Text export calls all lair creatures outcasts
As per the summary, the text export file regionX-world_sites_and_pops.txt calls every creature in a lair an outcast. That may be correct for the werebeasts there, but it's certainly wrong for wolves or giant dingos. Presumably this should apply to intelligent creatures in camps instead (who aren't called outcasts).
If a demon happens to dwell in a cave, it is also called an outcast, but none of the other cave creatures are.
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Knight Otu   
2014-07-12 02:36   
This has been fixed, it looks like.