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0006196Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2012-09-13 02:592014-07-28 12:08
Toady One 
0006196: Cannot scroll through pages of stockpile links
I can only see seven of the links when (q)ing a stockpile. If I attempt to scroll past the bottom one with + or *, the highlight simply drops off the screen, rather than moving to a new page of links as expected. This DOES scroll to the next page of stockpile links if the vertical grid size is 25 or 26 tiles, but it does as above if the window is taller.
Make several stockpiles, then have one of the stockpiles give to or take from the others or give to a workshop, then attempt to scroll through the list with + or *, provided your vertical grid size is at least 27.
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related to 0006706resolved Toady One Farm plot options can overlap seed choices and other options, depending on list length and window size 
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