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Toady One 
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0006230: Forging adamantine tools uses wrong number of wafers
If I attempt to forge tools out of adamantine, they end up requiring the wrong number of wafers - nest boxes require 4 (instead of 1), jugs require 5 (1), large pots require 5 (1), hives require 4 (1), minecarts require 1 (6), and wheelbarrows require 2 (6).

These incorrect values correspond to the material sizes for the pike, halberd, two-handed sword, long sword, large dagger, and scourge - in other words, it's using the material size for the corresponding weapon subtype instead of the tool subtype.
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2012-10-22 09:18   
Note that the logic for forging tools out of non-wafer metals is working correctly, using 1/3 of material size for the specified tool.
2012-12-04 09:56   
If you've modded the game such that there are more tools than weapons (and you select one beyond the end of the weapon list), DF crashes the instant you try to add the job.