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0006240Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2012-11-05 20:152012-11-05 20:15
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0006240: Civilian alerts restricted to burrows preclude grazing outside those burrows
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When a civilian alert restricting civilians to a burrow is active, grazing animals pastured outside the burrow will not eat, causing them to starve despite edible material in their pasture. It is unclear if this is because they are trying to move to the burrow but cannot because of the pasture.
1. Create a pasture over edible ground cover
2. Create a burrow and link it to a civilian alert. (Not known whether the burrow can overlap the pasture without affecting the result)
3. Activate the alert and wait a month
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has duplicate 0007729resolved Footkerchief Grazers don't graze if they're not in the burrow assigned to the current alert 
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