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0006261Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2012-12-05 02:552014-01-26 09:32
0006261: Dwarf trying to pick up unavailable equipment gets stuck on Pickup Equipment order
Found this bug when trying to assign a dwarf to use a long sword. When activated as a member of the military, she properly took the 'pick up equipment' job, but then froze in place. She remained stuck on this job and would not move, even when taken out of the military and having her labours adjusted. She eventually died of thirst. When demilitarised, her job was listed as 'No Job'

Another dwarf sent in to replace her had the same problem. I figured out the reason why the job could not be completed; both of the longswords in the fort were already being used by other dwarfs. I also managed to 'unstick' this dwarf by altering labours; I activated the mining labour, which I think allowed completion of the pick up equipment job by changing the item type desired. After demilitarisation, his job was listed as 'Pick Up Equipment' still.
Assign a dwarf a specific weapon type, but have that weapon type unavailable for use because all examples are already in use throughout the fort
Workaround available. Almost certainly a subset of existing military equipment bugs.
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duplicate of 0002761new  With "Replace clothing" turned off, soldier tries to equip breastplate, freezes because he's wearing too much 
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