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Knight Otu 
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0006265: Beehives float in midair after ice thaw
During winter, wild bees constructed a hive out in the middle of the lake, with the lake frozen. After the lake froze, the beehive remained, floating in Open Space.
- Embark in Temperate Biome with lake that can freeze.
- Wait until lake is frozen
- Bees might set up a beehive on the lake (my lake is 1/3 of the map, so a good probability)
- Wait for lake to thaw
- See the hive still floating in midair where it was constructed
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duplicate of 0001978confirmed Footkerchief Ant mounds and bee hives appear in stone and ice (even after waterways thaw) 
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After submitting, noticed that a colony of ants is also floating in midair over the lake.

Also: Should bees really be constructing hives in the winter? Don't bees typically go dormant when it gets cold?

Knight Otu   
2012-12-17 02:53   
Duplicate of 0001978