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0006302Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2013-04-07 20:022013-04-09 19:06
0006302: Site Crash
I have a Fortress I am working to reclaim, named Melbiliril, "Tomesfire" I have sent more than a few expeditions there, but have failed so far, So more than a few items have accumulated in the area, slowing things down a bit but not making it unplayable.

However, I have recently tried to have an Adventurer drop in to clear out any remaining Profane Vapor Husks. But Each and every time I try to have my adventurer enter the site, the game either locks up, or crashes.
Try to enter the fortress Tomesfire in Adventure Mode from any direction.
saved regionfile is here http://www.2shared.com/file/T4b_gEaH/region1.html [^]
adventurer, crash, Fortress, freeze, lock, reclaim, site
duplicate of 0006015resolved Toady One Reclaiming multiple times gradually slows the game down, leather starts to appear 
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I'll mention that my game is unmodded except for using the MayDay tileset.

There is also an explosion of leather on each reclaim attempt

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This sounds like a duplicate of 0006015.