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0006306: Companions can be untrustworthy
I've seen this twice now.

The first time I recruited some soldiers I found in the sewers along the way to get killed by the Overlord. These attacked me when I met the overlord, but also when I save-scummed and just walked around the dungeons eventually they declared I had to die and attacked.

A second incident that seems related was when I got halted by a goblin patrol. I halted and talked to them and they were so impressed with my efforts against the weresheep scourge, all agreed to be my loyal companions. When we left travel-mode to refill waterskins however, they all attacked. This was still far outside goblin territory.

Usually there are no problems with recruits.
It seems to happen with goblins more often, but there were humans in the sewer-crew as well.
In both cases this was with a human hero.

Possibly companions are subjected to a loyalty check each time a new area is entered and failure sanction is too severe or unstable companions are too easy to recruit without warning signs?
0.34.11, adventurer mode, companions, Fixed in 0.40.01?, loyalty cascade
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Game installed from lazynewb pack. Just to be complete, likely not related at all.
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This happened really tragically in my game, with a companion inexplicably attacking merchants in the neighboring city. Well, maybe because it was a goblin merchant. The other companion slew the first, and then another citizen and stood around in shock. Upon returning to the scene I was fired upon by what I assume to be an NPC ally of the slain citizen.

It made for a cool story ( http://instagram.com/p/qakdHIuMMC/ [^] ) but may have been caused by a bug / confusion in my companion regarding the neutrality of the goblin merchant?

edit: I looked at the related bugs and it seems like a typical "loyalty cascade."

2014-08-03 02:58   
Hearthpersons (not yours, but from another lord that join you in adventures) can leave you alone too...you usually will find them again where you recruited them.I think it may be something related with orders from their lord. I don't onow if this is another bug.