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0006314Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2013-05-05 09:402014-01-21 19:49
WindowsWindows 7Windows 64-bit
0006314: CTD after attempting to create a large world with 1050 year history on normal world gen.
Every time I try to create a large world with 1050 years of history on it, the game crashes to the desktop after I push enter to accept. I have tried this five times now and it crashes every time. I saw the bug reports about embarking on large areas and running out of memory and thought it would relate to my problem. During my last attempt, I had the memory and cpu usage graphs on the resource monitor pulled up on another monitor so I could watch those while the world generated. At first, the memory just increased a bit but stayed there though the rest of the generation. The cpu usage shot up to about 70% throughout the whole process. After pushing the enter button to accept the map, the moment when it crashed, I didn't see any spikes in cpu or memory usage.
1. Launch DF
2. Select Create New World! and press enter.
3. Push esc to continue.
4. Set World Size: Large
       History: Very Long
       Natural Savagery: Low
       Mineral Occurance: Frequent
5. Press y to accept the conditions.
6 After generation is complete, push enter to accept and then crash.
Im using Lazy Noob Pack and no other additions. Im guessing its just my computer running out of memory, but I didn't see any memory spikes to 100% during or after the generation.
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duplicate of 0005053resolved Footkerchief Crash at the end of worldgen 
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I just tried a large world with only 550 years of history and it working fine. After I pushed enter there was little memory jump but not a lot.
2014-01-21 19:49   
Please reopen this if 0005053 doesn't explain it.