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0006394Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2013-11-27 07:172014-08-03 11:36
Toady One 
MacOS X10.7-10.9
0006394: "df" script does not pass command-line arguments correctly (i.e. for world generation) on OS X/Linux
On OS X:
* Running "./df -gen ..." simply opens DF normally (and does not generate a world).
* Running "./dwarfort.exe -gen ..." crashes, since the library variables were not set by the "df" script.
On Linux, spaces in arguments aren't recognized properly (as mentioned in the 0.34.11 release notes).
Attempt world generation with a clean install of DF, using the instructions in command_line.txt (replacing "Dwarf Fortress.exe" with the appropriate name). Both "df" and "dwarfort.exe" fail to generate a world.
This can be fixed on OS X and Linux by changing the last line of the script to './dwarfort.exe "$@" ' and './libs/Dwarf_Fortress "$@" ' (respectively)
Probable Quick Fix
has duplicate 0007276resolved Footkerchief Worldgen arguments are not passed on correctly from the df script 
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I'm assuming the reason this went unnoticed on OS X is because the SDL libraries are located somewhere where dwarfort.exe can find them without the need for the "df" script.