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0006398Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2013-12-31 00:532014-01-03 10:41
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0006398: Bugged biome savefile
Embarked in an area with mountain biome and ocean biome. Dug out the soil layers in the ocean biome, then breached the caves. No plants grew. So I breached all 3 caves, still no plants. Thought maybe that the red sand layer was bugged, so I dug deeper into the clay; didn't help. Saving and re-loading didn't help. Then tried to abandon the fort and reclaim, and all the dug out soil was flooded with the ocean (the ocean was not breached, and it was frozen even if there was a breach) I know there is vegetation in the caves, it just isn't spreading.

Savefile located on Dwarf Fortress File Depot under title "Bugged biome savefile"
Open savefile, play.
Mods used:
-embark anywhere (plenty of land, but the embark was still considered ocean)
-Gold Plated tileset
DFHack reveal / unreveal feature
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duplicate of 0005872confirmed Loci Excavated areas beneathe ocean biome or lake filled with water on reclaim (or adventurer visit) 
related to 0004242new  Custom mountain plants only appear at biome edges 
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The flooding issue on reclaim is a duplicate of 0005872, and using a 3rd-party utility to forcibly embark on all ocean tiles may be confusing the game into preventing subterranean plant growth.

2013-12-31 20:16   
It wasn't all ocean. The embark was 3x6 and 8 tiles were mountain terrain. I don't know if the Embark anywhere was an issue, because I always have it on and don't know if I could have settled there without it. (Though I doubt it, DF seems to be really finicky about ocean squares. It's possible to have only 1 ocean swuare in your embark and DF won't allow you there without the mod)
2014-01-02 08:20   
The criteria for allowing embark is that at least one tile must be non-ocean and non-mountain.