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0006400Dwarf FortressSitespublic2013-12-31 16:572014-01-03 10:43
Windows 7 ProfessionalService Pack 1
0006400: Creature and leather duplication on reclaim or revisit
When I abandon a fortress or my adventurer dies, and I try to reclaim or revisit the place several times in a row, leather and wild creatures multiply. It only works with things currently on-site, and it seems to DOUBLE, though the numbers are still a little randomized. You don't notice the effect on the first few tries, but the effect is very exponential! I first noticed it in adventure mode, when I built a fire blocking a cave exit. I don't know that I even died, but I kept trying to save, exit, and reload, to see if the fire would die. But I soon couldn't, because a nearby cave blob had multiplied so that I couldn't even load the game without overloading ram. The same thing happened when one of my fortresses fell to a necromancer, and I kept trying to come back as an adventurer and kill him. Eventually I did so, but there was a lot of leather lying around, and the game was extremely slow because all the wildlife had multiplied, including the as-yet undiscovered demons in the underworld (I know this because I used the lazy newb pack overseer to see down there later. That hack doesn't seem to be the cause of the bug, though). For those like me who just won't give up on a certain fortress, this is a very bad bug, and it kills your FPS eventually. It may or may not work on other items than leather, but the effect is certainly pronounced with it. Oh, and the creatures never seem to decrease by wandering off, it's like the natural generation number has been permanently increased.
Works in either fortress, or adventure mode (in a site?). Leave leather (not already crafted) lying around or in a stockpile, and pick a moment to stop the game when there are plenty of animals on site to accelerate the effect. (numbers are still a little random, so sometimes it takes a few re-tries). Abandon fortress or give in to starvation, then return to the location, in either fort or adventure mode. Re-abandon maybe 5-10 times. 15 if you're really lucky.
- I don't know if you have to unpause the game for a moment to let the critters move around before re-abandoning the fortress. It seems to make a difference, but I have not tried enough to know for sure.
- I have not tested whether the bug happens only when an adventurer dies, or just when a saved game is loaded, or anytime a site is loaded. Or is it the quitting, not the loading?
- If I had to guess the origin of this bug, I would say that the creature multiplication was intentional at first, to make a reclaimed place seem more wild, and the leather is a side effect?
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Looks like a duplicate of 0006015
Edit: And possibly this devlog post (although I can't find a bug report for it at the moment): http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/#2013-12-15 [^]