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0006490: Monarch prevents a baron from being chosen.
I had my monarch arrive before the liaison had a chance to offer me a barony. Now because there isn't a liaison I can't get a baron (and therefor a champion.) the higher nobles count and duke are out of reach too.
I imagine all you'd need to do is get your fortress wealth high really fast. I did it by using the diagonal every 5 exploratory mining method immediately.
Not a big deal as much as there shouldn't be a way to lock away game play like that.
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[44.02] I encountered this same sort of issue after getting a baroness. I stalled becoming a barony for a while, and when my liaison came the time I accepted it I had met the requirements for a Duchy, but wasn't offered that since I wasn't a Barony yet. I met the trade requirement for a Mountainhome while the caravan was there, and my king moved in the next summer, and the liaison with him, meaning I can't get my baroness elevated to a count or dutchess since it requires the liaison leaving the map. The wiki says the monarch requires you to be a Duchy to move in, but I guess that means meeting the requirements and not necessarily having an actual duke. It should be changed to either require a relevant noble upgrade to happen first before the king can move in, or for anything like that that would normally be triggered by the liaison leaving the map to happen automatically when the liaison lives with you.
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Same issue encountered on 0.47.07

In my case two of my dwarves were automatically promoted as barons of other fortresses, and human/elven dimplats started hosting meetings with the most recently appointed of those. Then I saw the option to become a mountainhome before I even had a baron (which apparently now depends on holdings rather than exported wealth, except even though my fortress is in a low savagery biome, at the foot of a mountain, with grasslands surrounding it, no hillocks were eve established).