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0006491Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-05-27 02:242014-05-28 03:11
Knight Otu 
x86Windows 7Service Pack 1
0006491: Unusual number animals appearing near werebeast lairs freezes the game constantly
Regional animals, as if allured by the werebeasts, keep appearing near their lair. Numerous furs over the ground (of animals I've never seen before, that doesn't seem to be from that area, oddly).
Visit a werebeast's lair during (any?) moon phase.
FPS is reduced dramatically (from around 60 - which is where I [G_FPS_CAP:), "freezing" the game. Not (entirely) sure whether it's the animals, or the fur on the ground that might be causing the FPS drop. Most likely it's the animals, though, as it freezes when I/they move.

P.S.: I'm thinking it's some kind of event related to the werebeast... if so, couldn't it be removed (or lessened)? I can understand the idea, but the issue it's causing makes the game (as explained above) unplayable when it happens.
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duplicate of 0006015resolved Toady One Reclaiming multiple times gradually slows the game down, leather starts to appear 
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2014-05-27 04:23   
(The report above can be treated as a first experience from a new player after stumbling with this issue a few (several) times.)

I've now noticed that even when the human isn't in beast form, and there are no animals nearby - while the ground is still full of leather, there seems to be no major frame drop. I've camped near the lair for a few nights, and found out the drop was caused by rats/spiders being disturbed from their nests. FPS dropped by half as soon as I was able to see the message appearing.

So it seems that by disturbing a few more nests the entire area could be made unplayable.

Question: is there a way to remove those creatures? Gonna try messing around with the raws.
2014-05-27 08:02   
This sounds like it may be related to 0006015.
2014-05-27 11:37   
I wouldn't say for sure... Don't think there were that many leathers accumulated. I returned to the same place once and there was no criters / lag; I've picked up about a dozen leathers.

Perhaps a save file might help? http://www.mediafire.com/download/e6i887nnl5eul16/region2.zip [^] My char's right above the lair - just shift+T then go down.

Adv mode saves are several times bigger than dwarf mode, btw.
2014-05-27 13:27   
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This is definitely a duplicate of 0006015 - there are over 83,000 animal people (antmen, ratmen, and batmen) in the caverns beneath that lair, plus over 14,000 items (mainly leather and preserved food, including frozen cave floater juice from 0001448). If I try to leave the site and then come back again, the game runs out of memory (caught it at around 1.9GB) and crashes.

Knight Otu   
2014-05-28 03:11   
Thanks, Quietust. Resolving this as a duplicate, then.