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0006562: Selecting a season in a farm plot does nothing
Farm plots seem to be listing the crops only for the current season. Trying to change to a different season with 'a'-'d' to choose the crop to be planted then does not change the crops displayed.
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Can confirm bug, however if the crop is viable for multiple seasons ex: plump helms, selecting the crop will permit its growth for each season. Doing the same for a crop that cannot grow multiple seasons ex: pig tails does not permit growth for each season.

Further testing has shown that each season properly displays the current growable crops during that season. But also displays the current season crops for all seasons.

Likely this bug is related to displaying the proper options for the current season as a replacement of all the other season options rather than anything more problematic.

2014-07-08 22:57   
Confirmed that it doesn't seem to affect ACTUAL farming. It's just really confusing and misleading due to the temporarily false information about other seasons than the current one.