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0006609Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2014-07-08 01:532014-07-11 10:52
Windows 8
0006609: Dwarf Mode frequently crashes shortly after loading a saved game
Using either compressed or uncrompressed saves, the game usually crashes within about thirty seconds of loading a saved game. Occasionally the crash occurs before the game is fully loaded.
1)Save game
2)Load game
3)Wait for crash
(sometimes steps 1 through 3 must be repeated but i have yet to find a fortress that i cannot reproduce this on)
The worlds are all unusable after abandoning the fortresses in which this crash has occurred. When I try to start a new fort, the game crashes before the two week wait.
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duplicate of 0006681resolved Toady One Autosave causes save corruption and crashes on load 
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2014-07-08 02:03   
Please upload the save here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/category.php?id=20 [^]
2014-07-08 02:34   
2014-07-08 07:08   
We need the link. Please post it here.
2014-07-08 08:51   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8743 [^]

sorry about that, it was really late :)
2014-07-09 17:31   
As it turns out, fore quitting DF using the task manager during the pause after the initial pause or any seasonal pause fixes this bug for that specific fort. I have tried this successfully four times now without problems, while still crashing if I do not force quit after an auto save.
2014-07-09 18:33   
I'm having the same problem =/
2014-07-11 10:52   
Yep, autosave.