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0006643Dwarf FortressFirepublic2014-07-08 07:382014-08-21 16:00
0006643: Lower tree trunks dont burn properly
I dont know if this supposed behavior but here goes: I was playing around in the arena mode; burning the grassy area with dragon's fire breathing ability2. Everything catches fire, including the trees, but for some reason the bottom trunk never burns. Everything else turns grey and death, but they dont. So far only ways I've managed to burn them was to dump magma on the same tile or turn up the temperature.
Try burning the trees in the object testing arena with dragonfire.
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related to 0001134new  Fires don't spread to trees/shrubs and don't do enough damage 
related to 0006704resolved Toady One Already-felled trees "collapse" when mining under their former roots 
has duplicate 0007960resolved Footkerchief Tree trunks swamped in magma don't burn 
related to 0008110new  Burned tree branches collapse when the tree is felled 
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