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0006667: Both indoor and outdoor plants appearing in planting list
The list of available plants may show both indoor and outdoor plants. I encountered this on a plot that had been channeled from the surface, although an adjacent plot correctly showed only outdoor plants. Possibly related to 0006562?
Haven't tried yet.
Screenshot at http://i.imgur.com/dKIAvpo.jpg [^]
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related to 0000087resolved Toady One If one tile of a farm plot is dry or has the wrong biome, it also prevents the succeeding tiles from getting planted 
has duplicate 0007234resolved Footkerchief Farm plots in a mixture of light and dark allow full planting range. 
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Would like to add that trees growing one z-level above make "light" show up below. i.e., light passes through the floor tile beneath a tree. Trees are invisible to light.


Edit: Submitted a bug report to that effect. 0007585

2014-10-01 15:56   
Reminder sent to: heritage727

Are you able to reproduce this in 0.40.13+? It doesn't appear to occur in any of my forts.
2014-10-02 09:19   
As the linked duplicate says, any farm plot with a mixture of light and dark tiles allows both above ground and subterranean plants to be selected. While the number of bugs that inadvertently cause a mixture of light and dark tiles has been reduced, the reported behavior still occurs when such a plot is arranged manually. Though both types of crops can be selected, it appears that only a crop that corresponds to the top left tile of the plot will ever be planted, and then only up to the first non-corresponding tile of the plot (0000087).

I'm not sure what the "correct" behavior should be, but allowing players to select a crop that will never be planted sure sounds buggy to me.
2014-10-03 05:57   
Unfortunately I've had to give up DF for the time being and can't do any more testing. The last fortresses I started were at .07 or .08 and I didn't notice the issue then.